AccuWare is approved by GAZT for compliance with
the VAT (Value Added Tax) law of Saudi Arabia.

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What is AccuWare Express

AccuWare Express is a complete Business Accounting solution, that is built on a power-packed, feature-rich architectural design. It facilitates businesses to acquire a cost-effective yet reliable and scalable solution.

AccuWareExpress offers powerful functionality that promotes an ideal work environment, ensures optimum resource utilization and guarantees maximum and quick returns on your investments.

AccuWareExpress Premimum | AccuWareExpress Lite

AccuWare Express makes it possible for small businesses to experience the same benfits and cost savings that large companies enjoy by using ERP applications to run their business.

How is AccuWareExpress Premium different from AccuWareExpress Lite

The creation of AccuWareExpress Premium was inspired by the immense popularity of AccuWareExpress Lite. So, AccuWareExpress Premium is a bigger and better version of AccuWareExpress Lite. It not only carries all the good features of AccuWareExpress Lite, but also brings along a host of new features and functional improvements.

Single-user/Multi-user Editions

AccuWareExpress comes in 2 editions. A single-user edition that is meant to work on a stand-along workstation and networked edition that has a database on the sever and the application on multiple clients. Functionality-wise both applications are one and the same the difference is only in the number of users who can access the system.

General Features

  • Rich in Functionality
  • Scalable with growth
  • Arabic Support
  • Hijri/Gregorian Calendars
  • Multi-Branch / Multi-User
  • Multi-Units of measure & Sales
  • Fractional Quantities
  • Perishable & Non-Perishable Items
  • Assembly/Disassembly of Products
  • Shared/Exclusive Warehouses
  • User-friendly Interface
  • Lookups, Pop-ups and Drop-downs
  • Tab-pages and Tree-views
  • Toolbars, Tips, Progress Meters
  • Intelligent Analysis/Reporting
  • On-line help for each individual function
  • User Manager and Function-level control
  • Printer Manager
  • Preview reports, zoom-in zoom-out
  • Quickies & Keyboard shortcuts
  • In-built Backup/Restore Mechanisms
  • Customizable Invoice, Vouchers etc.

Who uses AccuWare Express?

  • Wholesalers
  • Retailers
  • Distributors\Trading Establishments
  • Pharmacies
  • Super Stores
  • Manufacturing/Assembling
  • Computer Hardware
  • Electronic Equipment
  • Furniture Factories
  • Service Organizations
  • Workshops
  • Warehouses/Storage Units