Financial Reporting

AccuWare is designed to ensure accuracy, full transparency, deep visibility and hence true accountability of all financial transactions from the different integrated modules. You could reconcile all your revenues and expenses. Reports could be generated using different selection criteria to allow greater flexibility to the user. Multiple consolidation options help in combining data at different levels of the organization. Summary reports with drill-down facilities provide easy navigation to detailed information for verification and reconciliation purposes. Ability to combine data from multiple financial years.


  • Sophisticated Report Viewer
  • On-screen Reporting
  • Ability to print only what you need to print
  • Drill-down Analysis
  • Summarized and detailed reports make information more meaningful
  • Rich presentation
  • Detailed standard Reports for each module
  • Consolidation of information from multiple cost-centers, branches or companies
  • View supporting documents attached to transactions and Master records.
  • Save reports to an external file formats[.xls, .dbf, .csv, .pdf]
  • Generate Trial Balances
  • Prepare Balance Sheets
  • Track expenses
  • Track income
  • Track gross and net profits