Networking / Branch Connectivity

AccuWare is designed to work independently of the type of remote connection. All standard network and remote connectivity options are fully and seamlessly supported by AccuWare. Our customers have full freedom to choose the most appropriate local and remote connectivity options that meet their precise needs and fall within their budgets. Moreover, with growth in business more remote locations or remote nodes could be seamlessly added into existing networks. The network itself could be upgraded to more advanced connectivity options with absolute ease.

AccuWare VPN services from MDS are essentially a combination of subscription, delivery and maintenance of remote connectivity services aimed at continuously maintaining the stability, speed, security and availability of your remotely connected offices or nodes. We Design, Implement, Trouble-shoot and maintain your VPN networks to ensure that you do not have to deal with performance bottlenecks, security loopholes or business disruptions.

Our rich experience, technical expertise and attention to detail will give you the peace of mind needed. Contact us now and we shall be happy to provide you with more details and assist with any questions you may have.