How to Open a Support Ticket

We accept support requests over phone and email.

Support over Email:
Our HelpDesk software is protected against spam, so it can only receive support requests from pre-approved email addresses. Once the customer’s email address is registered and activated in our HelpDesk system, the customer could send an email describing the problem or fault, the system will automatically create a new Support Ticket and add it to the Queue. The customer will receive an automated email confirming a new Support Ticket is created in the system, the ticket number is also included in this email for follow-up. When the issues reported are resolved and the ticket is closed, the customer again receives an email informing him that his request is now resolved.

Support over Phone:
Customers could also avail telephone support for the following:

  • To report a problem and get technical assistance
  • Following up on an open ticket
  • Communicating the priority
  • Getting the status on your current tickets etc.

Working Hours

During the following hours (K.S.A Time  –  Sunday thru Thursday):
From  08:30  to  13:30
From  14:00  to  17:30

To open a new support ticket over phone or to register your email address in our HelpDesk system, call our customer care team on: