Budgeting and Control

AccuWare budgeting module gives businesses a true competitive advantage by helping them create more accurate budgets, timely re-forecasts, and improved decision-making.

Budgeting in AccuWare not only expedites the budgeting process but also helps managers proactively plan and control expenses and financial transactions relating to budget-controlled accounts. AccuWare budgeting reports automatically contain embedded budget to actual variance comparisons.


  • Ability to create yearly budgets with monthly or quarterly roll-ups and roll-downs
  • Selection of Accounts that need to be budgeted and controlled
  • Ability to create budget for an individual account or a family of accounts
  • Budget Planner Entry and pre-approval review and revisions
  • Electronic Budget submittals, management rejections, revisions, (re)approvals and authorization and enforcement
  • Budget Re-allocation and ad hoc adjustments with approvals and authorizations
  • Payment orders with approvals and authorizations for control over financial activity on budget-controlled accounts
  • Budgeted versus Actual variance reports and management dashboards
  • Notifications and email alerts

Budgeting is a crucial element of financial management, which in turn is a huge contributor to a company’s overall success.