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What is AccuWare

The ERP for Small and Medium Businesses

AccuWare is a core Business Management Solution that primarily caters to the enterprise wide operational & strategic needs of Small and Medium-sized businesses. It also includes many vertical industry modules. AccuWare demonstrates power and flexibility to give organizations across industries control over their operations and help improve business performance through increased productivity and business intelligence. It enables an online 24/7 Enterprise, to be seamlessly inter-operable across various business functions. AccuWare provides quick returns on investments even while ensuring continuous long-term benefits.

Industries we serve

AccuWare is approved by GAZT for compliance with
the VAT (Value Added Tax) law of Saudi Arabia.

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Why AccuWare

Traditionally, business reputation is built on integrity, trust and service, but now also on technology! The last few years have seen rapid advancements in Information Technology. Today’s technology helps companies become more efficient, reduce costs and increase profit margins. Companies wanting to sustain competitive advantage in their markets necessarily need to embrace technology for effectively running their business operations. As a robust and mature solution, AccuWare successfully helps companies reap the benefits of Today’s Technology.

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Best-fit solution

Fully integrated Software Modules

Our expertise in delivering right sized solutions for diverse businesses stems from our team of analysts, consultants, and engineers who collectively represent decades of business/technology experience and our investment of several years in research & development for products, technology and innovations.

Our Promise

What really differentiates us is our absolute commitment to product quality and service excellence. We have worked with hundreds of customers, across a broad spectrum of industries, within and outside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, providing them long-lasting and highly scalable solutions that offer quick, maximum and continuous Returns on Investments.

Precise Solutions

That meet business requirements

AccuWare helps you promote an ideal work environment with a paperless flow of information among various business functions. And a marked improvement in the quality and promptness of decisions you make.  With AccuWare you can put available resources to optimal use, improve the overall productivity of your personnel, even while registering significantly higher levels in the quality of output. AccuWare guarantees quick and maximum returns on investments and is designed and developed to provide a long-lasting solution to its users.

Primary Benefits

AccuWare provides quick returns on investments even while ensuring continuous long-term benefits. Some of the primary benefits include the following:

  • Improve business efficiency
  • Optimum resource utilization
  • Reduce costs
  • Increase profit margins
  • Productivity improvements
  • Better quality of work
  • Reduces inter-dependencies
  • Guarantees inter-operability between departments
  • Quick and continuous returns on investments
  • Long-lasting solution
  • Tight-control over operations
  • Eliminates disparity and dual entry
  • Eliminates loss of information
  • Ensures Accuracy of Transactions
  • Paperless/instant collaboration between staff
  • Instant/Accurate decision making

Native Arabic Support

We build Native Arabic and truly bi-lingual solutions, our solutions are developed locally in our well-equipped labs and offer world-class quality with fully localized software solutions.

World class Quality

Our quality standards and processes help us deliver world-class products and services that are based on real-life client-experiences and are in line with regional best practices.

Ease of use

AccuWare stands apart in its innovative design, rich and natural user-interface that is power-packed yet easy to learn and use. It aims to significantly enhance user productivity.

24×7 Availability

Organizations across industries could successfully run AccuWare in a 24×7 mission-critical business environment and help improve business performance through increased productivity and business intelligence.

Alerts and reminders

Automated alerts and reminders for upcoming or overdue actions like outstanding payments, document expiry, credit-limit violations etc.

Business Intelligence

Management dashboards, on-screen inquiries with drill-down analysis and Extensive Reporting, additional reports could be created using the built-in Report Writer.

Long-lasting Solution

AccuWare is developed using latest technology tools and proven programming paradigms. Native support for Oracle databases further elevates the Power, Scalability, Security and Availability features built into AccuWare.

Effective use of Technology

AccuWare successfully helps companies reap the benefits of Today’s Technology, enabling companies to focus on business strategies and achieving business goals and thus acquire, retain & nurture customers for a lifetime of profits.

AccuWare Services

We offer rapid implementation, quality Training, data migration, prompt Support, valuable maintenance and other techno-functional services for successful implementation of AccuWare.

Other Services

Our professional services help introduce you to solutions that will take your business to the next level of success. We will study your requirements and translate needs and wants into a technology solution that is relevant to the business.

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