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Over 20 years of Product and Service Excellence!

What really differentiates us is our absolute commitment to product quality and service excellence. We have worked with hundreds of customers, across a broad spectrum of industries, within and outside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, providing them long-lasting and highly scalable solutions that offer quick, maximum and continuous Returns on Investments.

Business Software

Established in 1995, MDS today is one of the most mature Business Software Companies in the region.

AccuWare ERP

The ERP for Small and Medium Businesses

IT Services

IT Services to keep your business running without having to deal with computer problems.

IT Professionals

Benefit from the technical expertise of our team of highly skilled IT professionals and specialists.

Technical Support

Access to bug-fixes, product updates, enhancements, new product features and functionalities.

After Sales Services

Customer satisfaction is our main aim and we take all measures towards providing Prompt and Quality Support services.

AccuWare – The ERP for Small and Medium Businesses!

Companies wanting to sustain competitive advantage in their markets necessarily need to implement an ERP system for effectively running their business operations. AccuWare enables small and growing businesses to quickly implement an ERP system that helps them become more efficient, reduce costs and increase profit margins.

AccuWare ERP Services

We offer rapid implementation, quality Training, data migration, prompt Support, valuable maintenance and other techno-functional services for successful implementation of AccuWare ERP.

After Sales Services

We are fully committed to producing technologically superior business software solutions and backing them with the finest implementation techniques and Support services, we have worked for years to develop standards and processes that help us provide prompt and quality services to our customers.

Professional Services for growing Businesses!

When it comes to IT and other Professional services, our target customers are small and growing businesses with a network of 10 to 50 computers. It is quite challenging for such businesses to employ and retain highly skilled IT professionals, hence we offer them an affordable alternative that helps them leverage the technical expertise of our team of highly skilled IT professionals and specialists. Our professional services help introduce you to solutions that will take your business to the next level of success. We will study your requirements and translate needs and wants into a technology solution that is relevant to the business.

DBA Services

Networking / IP-VPN

Managed IT Services

Financial Accounting

Software Licensing

IT Infrastructure

Don’t be left behind, GROW your business

spend less, sell MORE, make more PROFITS. Embrace Technology!

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