Careers at MDS

We believe each and every employee of MDS is an important part of the organization, it’s their talent and hard work that ultimately helps us achieve our primary objectives of providing world-class, quality Arabic software.

Join our Team

We value talent, respect hard work and yes do we appreciate consistency. We offer innovative, challenging and rewarding job-opportunities for those who can make a difference and add value to our teams.

  • We respect people without any bias
  • We give ample opportunities to learn
  • We have an undying thirst for success
We believe our client’s success is our own success. Our products and value-added services are geared towards making our clients happy. We place special emphasis on serving our valued client’s as per their precise requirements; we sell solutions that work and that are backed by prompt and quality technical support.

Over the years we have evolved quality standards and enriched our business practices

MDS business philosophy is to provide its clients with functionally and technologically superior software solutions that will meet present and future challenges. To make this philosophy work we make substantial investments in research, development, technology and training.
We recognize and reward our team’s hard-work and positive contributions. We love to succeed and we believe, together we can.

Your career. Our commitment.