Data Migration Services

We can move your data with guaranteed quality, total integrity and highest reliability.

What is Data Migration

Data Migration is the process of moving data from one or more sources into a AccuWare application database. Data migration cannot simply involve moving an enterprise’s data, it usually is done in three main steps: Extraction, Transformation and Loading. Data migration should be an opportunity for evaluating and improving data quality, which can have a critical impact on a large system roll-out as well as on the business itself beyond the implementation phase.

Typical Benefits

  • Ensures that only the right data is loaded and that all the required data is available
  • Eliminates additional costs and operational overheads of maintaining duplicate sources of data
  • Eliminates inaccuracies resulting from maintaining duplicate data sources
  • Reduces the risk associated with moving from a legacy system to AccuWare
  • Surpassing the expected and desired return on investment (ROI) for AccuWare
  • Decision making that is accurate because of the integrity of good data
  • Data that is immediately actionable

How MDS Can Help

MDS’s team of data experts use standards based Data Lifecycle Management frameworks and methodologies, to manage your data during the system rollout. We could help you ensure that the quality of your data is improved as you move it from your old system to AccuWare. This will enhance the ROI of your investment, and also the ability to make better and more effective business decisions. Our team works with your organization to manage the project, assess the data and understand the applicable business rules, thus ensuring that you “get your data right” from the start.