Disaster Recovery Services

Large and small Businesses alike create large volumes of data which is many times vital for the survival and continued operation of the business. Organizations today depend heavily on the use of information technology to quickly and effectively carry out their daily business activities. Organizations must study and realize that the impact of data loss or corruption from hardware failure, human error, hacking or malware could be very high. Employees use applications and databases for transactions and reporting. Everyone uses email and VOIP-telephones to communicate. Servers capture, validate, process information and store large volumes of data. Desktop and Laptop computers are used to create, validate, process, manage and exchange information which is used for decision making.

For business continuity it is now critical to ensure availability of IT systems, hence it is no longer a luxury to formulate an IT Disaster Recovery Plan, A plan for data backup and restore is essential. A clear recovery strategy must be devised to restore hardware, applications and data in minimum possible time.

If you Can imagine what will happen when suddenly your IT infrastructure stops working, then contact us and let us discuss how we could formulate a disaster recovery solution for your needs.