Frequently Asked Questions

The following are some of the frequently asked questions about AccuWare.

What is AccuWare?2017-01-23T09:38:06+00:00

AccuWare represents a family of enterprise-class business management software that aims to deliver rich benefits of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) to companies of various sizes. It is a world-class solution that lays special emphasis on addressing the unique requirements of businesses in the Arab world. AccuWare ensures seamless integration of all critical business functions into software modules that include Financial management, Inventory management, Point-of-sale, Human Resource Management and Manufacturing. AccuWare is offered in different editions to deliver business value and fit the specific needs of a wide spectrum of industries as well as to meet the variation in budgetary demands of large as well as small organizations. Whether you have hundreds of users in multiple locations or just a few in one location, one of the AccuWare Editions will favorably fit your needs and budget.

What are the different editions of AccuWare? And What is the difference between them?2017-01-23T09:32:22+00:00

The availability of different versions of AccuWare makes it possible for us to serve an ever-growing customer base that is also diverse in size and line of business, AccuWare is offered in three versions as listed below.

  • AccuWare ERP: a fully bilingual Arabic/English ERP solution for the management of companies with multiple and diverse activities and primarily suitable for the operational and strategic requirements of various large companies including multiple business units and industry verticals.
  • AccuWare MAX: a fully bilingual English/Arabic business management solution that is a fully integrated combination of an Accounting software and Stock-control / Inventory System. AccuWare Max is comprehensive in features and characteristics offering numerous benefits of an ideal and effective solution for a wide variety of commercial private companies, which may consist of multiple sites for wholesale and retail sales.
  • AccuWare EXPRESS: is a software/program for smaller Trading/Services organizations. AccuWare Express is designed in a manner characterized by richness and power of its functions and tasks, which makes it possible to obtain a low-cost solution that can be trusted and scalable at the same time. All editions of AccuWare share the same level of quality and high levels of comprehensiveness that distinguish AccuWare from the competition. AccuWare Express offers full support for Arabic and English interfaces.
Is AccuWare bilingual and does it support Hijri calendar?2017-01-23T09:43:02+00:00

Yes, AccuWare ERP and Accounting / Inventory Solutions fully support English and Arabic user interfaces. AccuWare software also support hijra/hijri Calendar with the ability to adjust variations. AccuWare software solutions are truly bilingual and can move easily between interfaces, non-Arabic speakers users can also use full English and work side by side with their Arabic colleagues using the software in Arabic at the same time and on the same database without any of them losing any of the packaged features or programmed characteristics available to users in the other language.

What is the database used in AccuWare?2017-01-23T09:42:30+00:00

AccuWare ERP and AccuWare Max are primarily optimized and fine-tuned for Oracle databases. SQL Server database is supported by AccuWare Express.

How do we get AccuWare?2017-01-23T13:23:12+00:00

AccuWare is sold and marketed and implemented by MDS and its partners. We shall be pleased to welcome visitors to our office premises:

Modern data systems
Jeddah – Madina Road
Gulf Center – Office 407
Fourth Floor
P. O. Box 32764 – Jeddah 21438

Or contact us on
Tel: +966.12.6647461
Mobile: +966.543534500
email: accuware@accuware.com.sa

How do we determine the best version for our requirements?2017-01-23T13:22:29+00:00

The Ideal version for you depends on your business requirements and budgets. We offer different versions of AccuWare to suit the precise needs of a variety of lines of businesses, generally the requirements that define the version for you depend on the type of business activity, the functions and modules that meet your needs in addition to other factors such as the number of users, number of branches and whether direct connection between the branches is required. Based on our long-term experience, our engineers shall discuss your requirements and then determine the best version of AccuWare that matches your requirements.

What is the price of AccuWare Software?2017-01-23T09:48:17+00:00

The final price of AccuWare software is the total cost of product licenses and cost of implementation services. The final price of AccuWare varies from installation to installation based on many factors, such as the modules required, the number of user licenses, the number of sites that will install the system and whether there will be a link between these locations using VPN or not. You could always contact our sales teams and request a quotation, our sales team shall be glad to study your requirements of products and services.

Does the price depend on modules of AccuWare that we will use?2017-01-23T13:24:24+00:00

Yes. AccuWare is not a one size fits all product, rather it is a family of software solutions meant to suit the needs of different types and sizes of businesses. Each customer could select the AccuWare Edition that best suits his requirements and budget. Each edition differs in funcationality, modules, features and price. For some of the larger editions of AccuWare, there are additional modules that are priced separately and added to the quotation of your project, all depending on your need. Also note that the price of AccuWare software depends on the number of users in addition to several other factors. You could always contact our sales teams and request a quotation, our sales team shall be glad to study your requirements of products and services.

What is the relationship between the number of AccuWare users and software modules?2017-01-23T10:11:35+00:00

There is no direct relationship between the number of AccuWare users and software modules of the program. The number of AccuWare users that you choose applies to all the Modules combined. Example, if you have Accounts and Stock-control for ten users, you are entitled to use the modules for ten users, but you cannot buy accounting module for five users and stock-control for ten users.

Do you offer Demo Version or Evaluation Version of the AccuWare software on the official website of your company?2017-01-23T10:13:07+00:00

Yes, evaluation versions of AccuWareExpress Premium and AccuWareExpress Lite may be downloaded from our website. As for the larger business management solutions namely, AccuWareERP and AccuWareMAX are currently not available for download, please feel free to contact our sales team to discuss your requirements and arrange a live demonstration on the AccuWare ERP or AccuWare Max software.

What after-sales services are available for AccuWare?2017-01-23T10:21:24+00:00

We offer different after-sales services:


  • “Active implementation” is the method of implementation we use and it ensures a smooth start of a long-term solution, our engineers who are trained on best practices for successful implementation of AccuWare ERP solutions, work tirelessly to ensure fast and efficient implementation of the system in such a way that ensures full customer satisfaction, one the most important implementation steps is the proper setup of the system and configure it in a way that is consistent with the work practices.
  • We also offer data migration/conversion services to transfer data from old systems to AccuWare database, so that to accelerate the transition process from the existing systems to AccuWare. Such data migration services are provided at an additional price. A quotation could be obtained for these service, which may vary depending on the platform, organization and nature of the existing system.
  • One of the most important characteristics that distinguishes our implementation Services team, is to harness the latest technologies to ensure fast and smooth operations. We have made substantial investments of time, effort and valuable resources in ensuring that remotely connected branch offices also enjoy the best possible user experience in terms of performance and speed. Our customers from outside Jeddah can now avail of all the services they need, especially quality maintenance services. Our ability to deliver services remotely has resulted in delivery of our solutions and services more effectively and efficiently, even while ensuring a high degree of quality.


  • Training is done through conducting interactive training sessions that are based on a simulation as much as possible of the real day-to-day operations, raising the quality and effectiveness of the training sessions. Our training services do not just aim to transfer knowledge of the methods of normal operations, but we are keen to teach our users also how to make the best use of the many rich features available in the system.
  • After completion of training, we create a practice database and enable it to run temporarily on the system in order to be used to practice the concepts and practical tasks in the work environment directly, leading to srengthening the knowledge gained during the training sessions and increase the confidence of users in their roles as required and thus accelerate the transition to the live working environment.

Maintenance and technical support:

  • To Ensure the success of implementation process, our technical support department gives the customer maximum priority in response to his questions during the first month of operation of the system, and respond with whatever comes up from his requests for technical support.
Does the price of the AccuWare include after-sales services?2017-01-23T10:24:11+00:00

The price of the program is the price of a license to use the program, but the quotation submitted for after-sales services that we offer to our customers include details of the price of licenses in addition to the prices of other services such as training and implementation.

What after sales services are we entitled to when we purchase AccuWare?2017-01-23T10:26:31+00:00

After installation of the system you will get a maintenance contract with full technical support services for the entire year for free. It covers bug-fixes, new version releases, troubleshooting and normal technical support for the entire year.

After the end of free technical support period, how can we get technical support services? And at what cost?2017-01-23T10:28:12+00:00

After the end of one year free maintenance from the date of first installation you could continue to enjoy the services of technical support by signing a separate annual maintenance contract worth 20% of the cost of the system implemented for you, and shall cover the following services:

  • Obtain new or enhanced versions of the software for free.
  • Bug fixes and Troubleshooting of the application.
  • Provide technical support to your computer Department.
  • Provide technical support for your users.
Does AccuWare require the use of a particular operating system?2017-01-23T11:08:40+00:00

AccuWare works on most of the recent versions of Microsoft Windows on the Server as well as the user PCs.

Do we need to employ IT engineers to use AccuWare in our company?2017-01-23T11:16:25+00:00

There is no need to employ IT staff or professional computer technicians to run AccuWare, since it is easy to use and is based on industry standards for simplified and consistent operation of all the screens and modules. But users should be aware of how to operate a computer and enter data with the basic ability of dealing with the keyboard and mouse and printers etc.

  • We also conduct training on the use of AccuWare software before the start of actual work
  • In case of building the infrastructure for the network and also if you use the link between the branches, it is preferred that you have a person with experience in configuring settings of this type of networks to support and coordinate with service providers if necessary or use a company to provide such services
Is it possible to run AccuWare remotely from branches? And how to connect remote branches?2017-01-23T11:20:28+00:00

Yes, you could run AccuWare remotely by linking the branches with the head office over an IP-VPN connection, which is a virtual private network used to connect different branches of the company with the main office, such that all operations of the branch are directly recorded into the server in the main headquarters, which facilitates the management to centrally monitor, control and manage all business operations.

What is the size of data that the database can handle, and is there any impact on the speed of system performance due to increased data input with time?2017-01-23T11:23:17+00:00

AccuWare supports leading database technologies including ORACLE, Sybase and SQLServer, which gives AccuWare the ability to process huge volumes of data without being affected by the speed of data retrieval or lower the quality of performance.

We have been using another program, how can we benefit from our existing data after the transition to AccuWare?2017-01-23T13:25:52+00:00

We also offer data migration services to transfer data from other programs to AccuWare database in order to ensure a quicker switch over to AccuWare as well as maximize benefits from AccuWare by enabiling users to access information from historical data. Note: in some rare cases, we may not be able to transfer data, especially if the database of the previous software is a legacy data source or encrypted and sufficient technical information is not available.

After a period using AccuWare, our business has expanded and we need to increase the number of users, and add new branches, what should we do?2017-01-23T13:27:07+00:00

You can always increase the number of users and add new branches or add optional modules, for details about the license and service fees you may contact any of our Customer Care staff.

We hired new employees and we need to train them to use AccuWare software will you do it? What are the costs?2017-01-23T11:29:47+00:00

Yes, you can contact us and co-ordinate training sessions and our training team shall provide you with a quotation that details the number of training sessions required and respective costs.

If we need to modify AccuWare software, can you provide such modifications for us specifically? And what are the costs of the development process?2017-01-23T11:45:50+00:00

AccuWare software is a product, which is based on industry standards and best practices. It cannot be redesigned for each client independently, hence we are very selective with new features that are added to our software. While we do provide custom modifications in some rare situations, we do welcome customer contributions to our product wish list. Therefore, our customers enjoy continuous updates, bug-fixes and planned enhancements. It may be noted these services are provided for free to all customers who have valid maintenance agreements.

  • There are regular updates that are provided to customers for various editions of AccuWare software in a continuous manner, these include additions, enhancements and modifications that we receive from customers, which were studied, validated and found to conform to industry best practices. Such changes are provided with updates free for all customers who have valid maintenance contracts
  • If you have changes or additions that are critical and are considered a necessity to start using the program, then in such a situation we study the case and provide you with quotation detailing the time required to provide these changes in addition to the costs associated with the same
  • If the requests for amendment or addition are available in a higher edition of AccuWare then we consider upgrading to the higher edition would be the best solution because it will ensure the quality of the change in addition to the speed of implementation, note that there are special discounts on the prices of upgrades to customers who have valid maintenance contracts
  • It is important here to mention that we very much welcome any suggestions on modifications or additions provided by the customer and we are keen to study in depth and to ensure efficacy and quality of the proposal and then make it available in later versions
We want to design a new report? What should we do?2017-01-23T11:48:11+00:00

Before we start installing the programs to the customers, we ask that we receive all the reports that are important to them in order to study them and make sure that it will be available in the version of AccuWare required, and this is done to insure the availability of client’s requests before starting the implementation. In case of non availability of the reports they need, we study and design their reports and make it available at an additional charge. Also, it is possible to apply new reports after starting to use AccuWare and could be provided in the same way.

Can we print invoices and other documents directly from the computer using AccuWare? And how do we do this?2017-01-23T13:28:15+00:00

Yes. You can print all the documents provided by the AccuWare in any form you want. If you have existing pre-printed forms, then our technical support engineers will design internal documents in AccuWare to print on these forms, we can also provide a design proposal for you if you do not have these forms previously. Note that designing the forms is part of the preparation services which could be undertaken for a fee to be agreed upon.

Does AccuWare supports the use of ((Data Collection Terminals) to help in the stock taking procedures and storage? And how is this done?2017-01-23T11:51:20+00:00

Yes. AccuWare supports this feature, where our technical support engineers will prepare the communication between AccuWare and data collection devices. Note that this procedure is part of the preparation and processing services undertaken by the company for a fee that is agreed upon.

Can we use the barcodes with AccuWare?2017-01-23T11:52:43+00:00

Yes. AccuWare supports this feature, where our technical support engineers prepare the connection between the barcode devices and AccuWare. Note that this procedure is part of the preparation and processing services undertaken by the company for a fee as agreed upon.

Can we link the HR module of AccuWare ERP with our attendance hardware?2017-01-23T13:33:16+00:00

Yes. AccuWare supports this feature, where our technical support engineers prepare the connection between AccuWare and the attendance devices you have. Note that this procedure is part of the preparation and processing services undertaken by the company for a fee as agreed upon.

If we have a problem while working on AccuWare, what do we do?2017-01-23T11:59:50+00:00

Our support engineers are trained to resolve technical problems with the software, sometimes the solution may require access to your computer remotely through specialized software. They can also carry out field visits if necessary, note that these services are available only to customers who have valid maintenance contracts.

Are there tools that can help us recover data if a malfunction occurs in the hardware devices?2017-01-23T12:02:24+00:00

Our technical support engineers can help in disaster recovery, but you must ensure that your system administrator takes a regular backup as recommended.

We have branches in different cities, how to provide technical support for these branches?2017-01-23T12:05:19+00:00

We provide technical support services using the telephone or remote access to your system using special programs or through field visits to your locations if necessary, note that there are charges for transportation and accommodation if the need arises for field visits to branches and remote sites. It may be noted that almost all technical support problems are resolved over phone or remote connection to clients who have valid maintenance agreements.

Do you update AccuWare with time? What is this update?2017-01-23T12:08:59+00:00

We constantly work on enhancements and modifications to AccuWare and these are periodically released as new versions. We also actively work to provide available updates to all existing customers. It may be noted that this service is available free of charge to all clients who have a valid maintenance contract.

Are there any additional updates other than major updates to AccuWare versions? What is their purpose?2017-01-23T12:21:47+00:00

Yes, there are two types of updates for AccuWare that we provide:

  • New Versions: these are complete new versions of the program which may contain additions and modifications as well as new solutions to all the technical support problems that we have been reported on the latest version.
  • Patches: are small patches of the program that contain solutions to the problems of technical support received by the technical support division and it is frequent and available to all customers with valid maintenance contracts.