Running a Food Distribution Business?


Running a Food Distribution Business?

Look no further!

If you run a food distribution business and want to quickly transform your organization from an ambiguous data-driven, reactive organization to a well-organized, information-driven, proactive & responsive organization? Then look no further, we have detailed knowledge of your key business challenges and we have significant expertise in providing precise solutions to Food Distribution Businesses.

We believe, AccuWare can help you manage your entire business operations more efficiently, and revolutionize your company’s working pattern, streamlining operations across your whole organization and providing you with the real-time visibility you need to make better decisions that are faster and well informed. AccuWare is a robust and scalable solution that can be deployed very quickly but works with you over the long term, scaling and adapting itself to growth in your business over many years.

Key Modules of AccuWare for Food Distribution Business

AccuWare runs as an end-to-end distribution management software solution that can help you overcome challenges you face on a daily basis. The following are key Modules of AccuWare for Food Distribution Businesses:

  • Purchase & Logistics Management
  • Warehouse & Inventory Management
  • Sales & Distribution Management
  • Retail Sales Management (POS)
  • Financial Accounting Management
  • Human Resource & Payroll Management
  • Enterprise Asset Management
  • Financial Planning, Budgeting and Payment Control
  • Production Management
  • MIS and Business Intelligence

General Features of AccuWare

  • Work with Multiple Companies, Branches and Warehouses with ability to consolidate financial statements and reports
  • Lower inventory costs and eliminate risks by more efficiently managing the size and age of your inventory typically having varying shelf lives
  • Gain quick insights into key business elements with Management Dashboards
  • Easily analyze and understand real-time data with built-in business intelligence features and robust reporting with the ability to drill-down to accurate details
  • Access information in real-time while performing transactions such as Sales orders, Purchase orders and Branch Transfers etc.
  • Eliminate duplication of work by seamlessly integrating sales, warehousing, purchasing and finance
  • Achieve business agility with transparent visibility into demand, inventory, and logistics issues across the entire supply chain
  • No need to purge historical data upon closing a financial year, generate reports for any period including previous years
  • Maintain unique Serial number for invoices without any gaps resulting from order cancellations to help in Financial Audits
  • Ability to reverse any invoice and open a cloned invoice for editing
  • All the modules are seamlessly integrated, so ability to track in real-time accounting for Sales and Purchases
  • Return from a single or multiple invoice(Sales and Purchase)

Important Industry specific features

AccuWare is optimized to run as a precise solution for Food Distribution Business. It is a highly flexible and scalable ERP and can be quickly deployed to fit your precise operational needs. The following are just a few features that are significant for food distribution businesses wholesale and retail alike:

  • Batch wise costing
  • Track Item Expiry-dates
  • Sell items using FIFO inventory method with additional ability to manually sell from a selected batch of items
  • Multiple Units, Item Variants and Alternative Packaging
  • Transparent conversions from one Unit of measure to another, Example: an item could be received in carton or box but should be sold in pieces or dozen
  • Collect payments in combination of cash and electronic payments
  • Discount Sales and Promotional Campaigns
  • Various “Ship-to” and “Bill-to” shipment options
  • Tight control on returned goods
  • Robust support for Perpetual as well as Periodic Inventory cycles
  • Price manager screen for changing wholesale prices as well as prices of internal units and promotional items
  • Cost-center accounting

Feature Highlights (Supermarket / FMCG Retail)

  • Bundled Items
  • Barcode Enabled
  • Customer Display
  • Multiple Payment Modes
  • Support for Promotion Campaigns
  • Cashier/Point of Sale with Touch Screen interface
  • Weighing Machine Integration/Price-embedded Barcodes
  • Multiple Cash-on-Hand accounts with facilities for switch/hand-over cash-on-hand at end of work Shifts

Feature Highlights (Wholesale & Distribution)

  • Intelligent Management of Item order levels and Safety stock
  • Barcode manager for printing labels for items using different criteria
  • Ability to sell from multiple storage locations or branches
  • Bin location management
  • Customer/Item Groups and discount Matrix
  • Support for Hand-held devices in the warehouse
  • Track customer’s credit balance in real-time during order entry as well as collection receipts