General Ledger

The general ledger in AccuWare is the heart of the accounting system, it is like the hub in a wheel. Transactions from accounts payable, accounts receivable, payroll and other journal entries all come together to give a complete picture of the company’s financial operations. The general ledger is where the managers and other stake holders get the information compiled into reports that project the company’s financial status.


  • Tree-structured chart of accounts
  • Customizable chart of accounts Template
  • Organization-wide consistency in account structure
  • Multi-dimensional account numbers
  • Multi-dimensional consolidation of G/L reports
  • Advanced multi-currency support
  • Upload supporting documents as attachment for any account
  • Set user-access rights at the branch, cost-center or account levels
  • Seamless integration with Budgeting module
  • Effective and simplified processing of bank-reconciliation
  • Ability to track transactions that have been reconciled
  • Create new accounts, Edit/Freeze/Re-activate existing ones with proper audit
  • Ability to track and reconcile all automatic journals and transactions created from all integrated modules
  • Delete un-posted transactions, reverse erroneously posted transactions and create corrected entries with proper audit
  • Recurring transactions could be completed quickly by cloning existing transactions
  • View reports as charts
  • Monthly closing for all or selected modules
  • Yearly closing with facility of a regular close or carry forward final closing balances
  • Various standard financial reports with advanced facilities of selection criteria, consolidation, summary and drill-down to detail etc.