Server Cabinets

Modern Server rooms/Data centers organize IT equipment into standard-sized server cabinets for improved efficiency. Server cabinets are essentially lockable enclosures with rails, front and rear doors and side panels. The height of a rack cabinet is measured in rack units designated by the letter U (each rack unit is 1.75 inches/44.45 mm) high. Cabinets are available with capacities ranging upto 58U.

We offer Server Cabinets and Server Racking solutions to help you get the most out of your server room storage. Well designed Server Cabinets offer a stable, secure and durable platform for valuable IT equipment. We offer the following services:

  • Cabinet Assembly and Installation
  • Install equipment in suitable space
  • Install accessories to support different size and mounting options
  • Install accessories to secure equipment
  • Install KVM Switches
  • Install PDUs
  • Install UPS
  • Ensure easy access and maintenance
  • Optimize cooling and airflow requirements
  • Organize cables to reduce clutter and confusion