Spare Parts Management

AccuWare understands the unique challenges faced by Spare Parts businesses to remain competitive. They need a precise solution that takes care of their everyday routine front office, and back office functions and also helps them in analyzing information available. This would enable them to keep Customers delighted and retain a competitive advantage. AccuWare provides all the functionalities that you will need to manage your Spare Parts business. It adds value to all your business operations by enabling you to work in a user-friendly interface. It seamlessly integrates all the specific features related to Purchasing, Sales, Inventory, Finance and Management.


  • Part Lookup
  • Multi-level Part classification
  • Part interchangeability
  • Track item movement
  • Effective inventory control
  • Seamless Integration with General Ledger
  • Track customer credit-limits in real-time
  • Inventory stock counting made easy
  • Customizable Invoices and other Pre-printed forms
  • Ability to purge/merge items
  • Agent/competitor price-lists
  • Wholesale and Retail pricing
  • Alternate Part Numbers for Internal Identification
  • Multiple Alias Part Numbers
  • Supplier quotation comparison
  • Support for payment by Credit Cards/ATM Cards
  • Default suppliers for Parts
  • Efficient user-level control
  • Reverse wrongly Posted invoices and process corrections with full audit
  • Inactive/Obsolete items

AccuWare brings rich benefits to spare parts businesses since it inherits all the rich features of PartsWare, the front-line solution for spare parts accounting.